Megan: My best friend from Yale is flying in from New York today, her name is Karen and you're going to love her
Marco: Well I'm only starting to love you, let's not muddy the waters

Will: I work for Peter Friedland, he's a sports photographer
Megan: Hey, like you!
Will: Like me, except he gets paid and published and all that good stuff

Megan: My friend Karen is flying in from new york and she's going to stay with me the next few days and I was hoping you could show us some of that rich ass Palm Beach living. You know maybe we could take a spin on one of your yachts tomorrow afternoon
Will: How many yachts do you think i have?
Megan: Okay well if the yachts unavailable, we can go for a ride on one of your horses or elephants.

Will: Did it never occur to you I had a job?
Megan: Umm no, but that's probably because I've known you for four months and you never mentioned you had one, but I'm silly like that

You're staying on, you have all the cards, we'll see how honorable you really are


Rose: Okay but we're not leaving each other yet?
Sage: Not for a long ass time

Sage: I am so sick of you worshiping at the altar of Megan Smith
Rose: What is that supposed to mean?
Sage: You've been acting all righteous ever since her and her poly cotton ass has walked into this house

Rose: I just really need an objective opinion from an older person and you're like the oldest person I know who that doesn't work for me
Charlie: It's a weird little world you live in Rose

I had you pegged as this chill Abercrombie guy, and you have more drama going on than a sorority house

Mandy [to Charlie]
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