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Gus: I was gonna ask you the same question...
Juliet: Gus, this woman witnessed a crime...
Gus: Yeah, a crime in progress, she's stealing my heart...but I ain't pressing charges...

Weirdest flirting I've ever heard.


Maybe we could hug it out later.

Shawn [to Geoff]

I am Burton Guster. I am just a man, a man who cares.


I think lately things are getting out of hand

Shawn[to Gus]

We're so off the grid I think we're back on the grid.


Tell your boyfriend goodbye and let's get some pancakes.


Gus: These Plums are God's candy
Shawn: If God meant for those to be candy, why did he invent candy? Did you hear what I just said?

There are some things about women that only me and NBC anchor Brian Williams know.

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