iPad Shawn is a lot braver than real-life Shawn.


Henry: Keep going and I'm gonna rip your heart out, and that's an organ you need.
Gus: Actually, that's a muscle.
Henry: Whatever.

My pillows are lumpy; will you give them a fluff?


Henry: You do know they are going to go and investigate this case without you.
Shawn: Psh, I know.

Carlton: I have to know, will there be a hibiscus in this design.
McNab: There would be, if it was 2004. Psh, this guy!

You watch your mouth Barry White. This is my lady.


You can't just go around shootin' dudes.


Gus: Did you tell Jules about this?
Shawn: No, I did not. I most certainly did not.

Shawn I have been watching reality tv and been training for a moment just like this one all my life. I am in it to win it.


Everybody knows that as the only brother on the show, I get a free pass through the first round.


Juliet: That is cheating right?
Carlton: Absolutely.

Juliet: You kiss her, you die.
Shawn: Duly noted.