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The preacher said, “it’s not random, debts are owed.” Liv, think about it, we were supposed to die but we didn’t. And now the people we care about are disappearing one by one.


You can’t hurt me. I’m not in this alone, I’ve got back up.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that snake may have some warm blood in his veins.


Luke: It’s weird; my sister did it before me.
Remy: Well she is 4 minutes older…

Granted I don’t make a lot of friends with the living, but I try and give something to those they’ve lost. Dignity, we’re often robbed of it when we’re alive.


You can still crave something you can’t have.


This town as a history of jumping to conclusions, passing judgment and locking people up before they have all the answers.

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