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Who lives in Calabasas anyway? Sinbad, Howie Mandel? Jesus Ray.


Ray: I have a black half brother.
Abby: You're jokin' me.
Ray: No.
Abby: Oh my God. That's crazy!

No lie lives forever Raymond. It's time to pay the piper. Why don't we kill him?


He hates me Abby. Why, I don't know.


Mickey: Conor, you a fag?
Conor: I don't think so.
Mickey: I met some stand up fags in prison. Good guys. Tough guys. If one of your little friends wants to give you a blow job, that's fine. A mouth is a mouth. But don't let them f*ck you in that ass. That's how you get sick.
Conor: Thanks Grandpa.

Do you know how much money I gave after Katrina? Darfur? I'm a good person. You know, I struggle, I hurt, I make mistakes. But I'm a good person. I make this world a better place. You gotta help me Ray.


The jab is like the cane to a blind man, understand?


We're at the Country Mart. Malibu is beautiful. So is your family.


You think you're the first person I've dealt with woke up in bed with a dead body?

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