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You were there for me, I'm there for you.


You did the right thing then. You're doing the right thing now -- for everyone.


Yeah, well, I walked back from this Venice Beach -- I've never seen so many freaks in my whole f*ckin' life. I saw one guy shoutin' at his own f*ckin' shoe.


You know, you're the last male Donovan. You have to have some boys of your own; keep the family name alive.

Mickey: Let me get this straight. No one else knows about this?
Van: I couldn't risk it.
Mickey: And you get all the credit.

Listen, Sully, if you need a gun or a car in this town, I'm the guy you want to get it for ya.

Abby: He stinks of booze. And he's wearin' a woman's shirt.
Ray: Yep. He'll be fine.

You'll never believe how f*cked up I was this morning. You gotta hand it to Ray.


Ray: You stopped at a hotel?
Avi: They're out of their f*cking minds, Ray.

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