He was my son. That was El Negro. This is El Blanco.


Lena: You're a good singer. I've seen you perform.
Girl: You watch the show?
Lena: Oh yeah, I love it. And I think you've got a real shot, too. But if you don't follow the story I'm about to tell you, we're gonna shoot you again.

Listen to me. Do yourself a favor. Have your press conference. Tell your story. Enjoy your moment. America's Most Wanted is dead. You're a hero. God bless America.

Ray: I brought Sully out here to kill my father. Paid him $2 million to do it.
Frank: Jesus fuckin' Christ Ray.
Ray: Will you shut the fuck up?
Cochran: Well, ha, that didn't turn out so well now, did it? Either of you two guys want to tell me who in the fuck shot Sully?
Ray: My father.

Ray: I'm Ray Donovan.
Cochran: Oh I know who you are. You're a bag man for movie stars. You're also an extortionist, wire-tapper; well, basically you're an all around piece of shit.

Ray: What are you screaming for?
Avi: Because it f*ckin' hurts!

But you, you're my favorite, Ray. You always were. We're alike, the two of us. The same exactly.


You did 20 years because you stole half a million dollars from Sully. The only place you were safe was in prison, where you ratted out his whole family.

Ray: What's your plan, Ezra?
Ezra: To hire you to come up with a plan.
Ray: Then let me do my f*ckin' job.

You're the wolf, Mickey. Ray was right. You're the wolf.


I don't trust him no more. Can I come work for you?


Murder Ray? I can't condone it. You should have told me what happened to you.


Ray Donovan Quotes

Who lives in Calabasas anyway? Sinbad, Howie Mandel? Jesus Ray.


You think you're the first person I've dealt with woke up in bed with a dead body?