You know they'd've lost the bar without you. Thank you.


Terry: Do you ever blame me for O'Connor?
Ray: Why would you say that?
Terry: I heard you cryin' some nights. I knew what you were cryin' about.

Daryll: You got the money?
Mickey: Sure.
Daryll: From where?
Mickey: I'm a resourceful person.

Ray: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It's, uh, been 36 years since my last confession. I uh... [bolts from the confessional].
Father Romero: Wait, Ray! Don't Go! Prison will not help you, or your brother, only God will.
Ray: You got nothin'.
Father Romero: You believe, Ray, I know you do. You would not have hesitated at the door of a confessional if you didn't. Don't walk away from this. Repent! Repent now or face excommunication!
Ray: What?!
Father Romero: Repent now or face excommunication.
Ray: I'm the sinner? You hide and protect these men who should be fuckin' dead and I'm the fuckin' sinner?!
Father Romero: I know you feel hate:
Ray: Fuck You!
Father Romero: I know how badly he hurt you, and I know how much you loved him! [Ray beats the crap out of him]

Bunch: I know you two think that I'm not smart, and I'm weak. But it ain't true!
Ray: Look, Bunch.
Bunch: I can't help it if people lie and cheat and do bad things. I never hurt nobody.
Ray: I know, Bunch.

Ray: You've seen the plant, Helen. It's a shithole. I'm sure the birds would be happy for a change.
Helen: Well, it is a very nice bag.

Ray: I don't want a new boss.
Abby: You don't?
Ray: Look, Abs, ahhh...I've been trying to make a few changes. Make a better life for us.
Abby: What do you mean?
Ray: I sold my business.
Abby: What? Why? Who did you sell it to?
Ray: I'll tell you about it later. Listen, I want you to go to Barney's today and I want you to buy the best dress you can find. You're going to meet the governer tonight.
Abby: How do you know the fuckin' governor?
Ray: Don't worry about it. I told you, I'm making some fuckin' changes.

Paige: Money is a kind of poetry. You know the poet Wallace Stevens?
Ray: Missed that one.
Paige: He was two things. Vice President of the Hartford Insurance Company and one of the 20th Century's greatest poets. That's my favorite line of his, money is a kind of poetry.
Ray: It doesn't rhyme.

Teresa: I told you, I go where my people go.
Bunchy: Maybe I'm your people.

If Ginger goes, we lose the girls. If we lose the girls, Mrs. Minassian's grandchildren will break our fuckin' hands.


Terry: They were gonna rip you off.
Bunchy: What do you know about it?
Terry: I know what I saw.
Bunchy: You know, we don't all have to spend our life fuckin' miserable.

Ray: I'll give you the phone for a piece of your NFL deal.
Paige: How much?
Ray: Five percent.
Paige: What if I told you you're insane?
Ray: You don't get a football team.
Paige: Two point five.
Ray: Three.
Paige: OK.
Ray: You get the phone when I see something in writing.
Paige: You need that? [she smirks] You don't trust me? Hmmm? [ they kiss] I wonder if you're out past your depth.
Ray: I'll manage.

Ray Donovan Quotes

Well it's not going to lick itself.

Motel Owner

Mickey: I got a good one for ya.
Bunchy: Dad, don't.
Stan: It's alright.
Mickey: What's the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until a boy's 14 to come on his face.