Hooker: What was Frances like?
Terry: She was nothing like you.
Hooker: I bet she couldn't suck dick like I could. [Terry shoves her aside and storms out]
Mickey: Jesus, kid, what happened in there? She swallow it whole?

Bridget: I think I deserve a modicum of leeway.
Mr. Donellen: Bridget...
Bridget: I'm having a hard time, and I'm sorry if it's affecting my calculus, but I just transferred in, my parents are at each others throats and my boyfriend was murdered.
Mr. Donellen: I'm sorry.
Bridget: I shouldn't have told you that. [leaves]
Coffee Guy: I have a medium Americano for Bridget!

Ray: Get your ass home, Abby.
Abby: You get your ass home, you f--kin' hypocrite.

We're talking about selling yet another American institution to a foreign company. I need a little more time.


Dave: You look like a fuckin' teenager!
Abby: I feel like an old woman.

Bunchy: I'm serious, Ray. It could make a lot of money for the Fite Club.
Ray: It's a front, Bunch. It's not supposed to make money.

Looking up, pop? I mean, we spent all that money that you got from the Armenians on coke just so six hookers could get high all day.


Terry: What the fuck happened to your face?
Ray: What the fuck happened to yours? [both laugh]

Ray: My, uh.. My brother's in prison. He killed another inmate. Self defense. The other guys, uh, they're gonna kill him.
Finney: That's terrible.
Ray: I need to get him out. Tonight. Can you help me?

Ray: Everything you touch turns to shit.
Mickey: Don't say that.
Ray: You just killed another one of your kids, Mick.

Ray: Terry's a good man. He doesn't belong in there.
Judge Wettick: A good man who was left behind at an armed robbery.
Ray: Yeah.
Judge Wettick: A good man who murdered a fellow inmate.
Ray: That was self defense.
Judge Wettick: That's for the court to decide.
Ray: He'll never make it to court. The Arayans will kill him first.
Judge Wettick: I can't help you, Mr. Donovan.

Ray: You tell him I want a check for $500,000 made out to Carl Lafell today.
Paige: Or what?
Ray: Or I'm gonna put you in the trunk of that Astin Martin and drive it off a fuckin' cliff.

Ray Donovan Quotes

Mickey: I got a good one for ya.
Bunchy: Dad, don't.
Stan: It's alright.
Mickey: What's the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until a boy's 14 to come on his face.

Well it's not going to lick itself.

Motel Owner