Put on some clothes, Mick, we're goin' for a drive.


Conor: How can he be our uncle?
Bridget: Oh my God, you're a moron.
Abby: He's half black sweetheart.
Conor: I still don't understand.

You're gorgeous, you know that? Do you know how beautiful you are?

You were there for me, I'm there for you.


You did the right thing then. You're doing the right thing now -- for everyone.


Yeah, well, I walked back from this Venice Beach -- I've never seen so many freaks in my whole f*ckin' life. I saw one guy shoutin' at his own f*ckin' shoe.


You know, you're the last male Donovan. You have to have some boys of your own; keep the family name alive.

Mickey: Let me get this straight. No one else knows about this?
Van: I couldn't risk it.
Mickey: And you get all the credit.

Listen, Sully, if you need a gun or a car in this town, I'm the guy you want to get it for ya.

Abby: He stinks of booze. And he's wearin' a woman's shirt.
Ray: Yep. He'll be fine.

You'll never believe how f*cked up I was this morning. You gotta hand it to Ray.


Ray: You stopped at a hotel?
Avi: They're out of their f*cking minds, Ray.

Ray Donovan Quotes

Mickey: I got a good one for ya.
Bunchy: Dad, don't.
Stan: It's alright.
Mickey: What's the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until a boy's 14 to come on his face.

Abby: I walked into your son's bedroom this mornin', and he was watchin' porn and fuckin' his own bed.
Ray: I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about.
Abby: Your son Conor stuck his teenage dick between his box spring and his mattress and fucked his own bed.