Clingy? She called me clingy? Damn. I got to call her to make sure everything's okay


Ben is adorable, and I really, really like him. But, um, he's just a little clingy. Sometimes. Kind of makes me wanna rip out his internal organs and show them to him. Well, not really, but you know what I mean


Nina: I'm probably going to get something to eat.
Ben: Cool, I like eating.
Nina: Do you like to eat llama? Because I'm going to eat a live llama

You know, it's like your talking. I can hear the stupid words coming out of your mouth but they have no meaning.


Tony: Plus, I came to warn you, I think they're dispatching some demon assassins to kill you.
Sock: Oh, we know. Ben's dating one of them.
Ben: Yeah, we're a power couple

Why don't you just ask your little girlfriend for some help? She dates you, she must know a lot about babies

Gladys [to Sam]

Sam: No, no, no. We can't raise a baby!
Gladys: Any idiot can raise a baby, which makes you more than qualified

Gladys [about the baby]: Oh, an IBOH.
Sock: What's an IBOH?
Gladys: Intentional Birth Out of Hell. It happens. Souls have been known to escape from Hell to have their children here. Better schools

Ben: Take me and Nina.
Sock: Nope.
Ben: We're friends, but we have our sexual side.
Sock: Yeah.
Ben: But then we keep it it in a box and take it out when we need it. We enjoy it. We play with it. Then we put it back in the box when we're all done.
Sock: There is no box that contain this sexuality, Ben. All right. Uncontainable. That's how I was born. In fact, the delivery room doctor said I was the sexiest baby she'd ever seen

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