History is written by the survivors. And I am surely that.


Francis: And once I did that, I'd probably invite you to the harvest festival.
Mary: I'd probably say yes.
Francis: And I'd probably try to kiss you.
Mary: And I probably wouldn't let you...at first.

I would rather have hope with you than certainty with anyone else.


I don't make love to you because I want a baby. I want a baby because I love you.


Don't let fear keep you from greatness.


Feelings? Honestly!

Queen Catherine

Love is irrelevant to people like us.


She's not just an alliance. She's a girl.


Francis: Tell me when you want me to stop.
Mary: Never.

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He loves her, she loves him. What more could I want for my son...except his survival?


Mary, sweet Mary, I don't 'attempt' to do anything--I do it.

Queen Catherine

Killing isn't supposed to be easy. If your hands weren't shaking, you'd be him.


Reign Quotes

Welcome to your rule, my Queen. And welcome to the real France.


Lola: Bash, how do you feel?
Bash: Close to death, apparently.