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Love is irrelevant to people like us, a privilege that we do not share. You told me that. I'll remember it all--every word, every moment--for the rest of my life. I love you. But I won't let other people die for me.


Lola: You're so modest, sometimes I forget that your family owns half of Scotland.
Aylee: Only the lower half!

There are two things I can't abide, betrayal and stupidity. And Kenna is guilty of both. One can be tempered; the other can never be remedied.


Henry's fondness for anyone is eclipsed by his love of power.


He loves her, she loves him. What more could I want for my son...except his survival?


Don't let fear keep you from greatness.


Mary: You do realize what laying claim to England could cost me?
Francis: Yes I could cost you your head.

If servants are gossiping about your unmade bed, it is too late to rectify the situation.

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