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I suppose innocence is all relative. I wonder how long Mary's will last. Because once it's gone, it can never be reclaimed.

Queen Catherine

Lord Julien: I always want to be there for you.
Lola: That's not the same as saying you'll be with me.

Mary: Catherine, I beg of you.
Queen Catherine: You're a queen! Don't beg. It invites pity and disdain.

Mary: Do all married couples have these struggles?
Greer: I think you've redefined marital discord.

Nothing bothers me more than problems I've already solved coming back to be problems again.

Queen Catherine

Am I the only one in this bed with something to forget?


I never dreamt that I'd be wed to a bastard with an imaginary title.


Losing bothers me.


Trust is a luxury I can no longer afford.


Bash: You shouldn't have to live like this.
Kenna: True--but I'd also like you to live.

What happens when being a good king means being a bad husband?


Kenna: I don't need to be part of your schemes.
Queen Catherine: Oh, you do. For SO many reasons.

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My dear, this was not an act of passion. It was treason.

Queen Catherine

Love is irrelevant to people like us.