Francis: I refuse to surrender. My reign will not end without a fight.
Conde: Doesn't Mary's life mean anything to you?
Francis: It means a great deal, which is why you're the last man I'd entrust her to.

Whose blood concerns you more, your husband or your lover's?


Catherine: I love you. I am your equal. You convinced me of that. We belong together. I won't lose you to another. And especially not her.
Narcisse: This is love to you? Strangling someone with threats and ruthlessly controlling them just to ease your own fears?

All that stands between him and the crown is my head.


Apparently your mother doesn't approve of your twin soul.


So I've been sent to inform you that her Majesty still rejoices in the idea of marrying you and she's ready to give you her backing, if you take the throne of France.

Lord Akers

Francis: Mary, this is the most dangerous thing you have every done! Do you really love him that much? I thought that this was about your healing. But now you've done what a queen must never do, you've put the personal above the political, his safety above the nation's.
Mary: Whatever happens to him, it's over. I will never see him again.
Francis: You say that as if somehow, I've won. But how can it be over when he's still ingrained in your heart? You will always see him just as I will always see you. Naked, in each others' arms.

If Elizabeth has a stronghold in France and Conde's claim to the throne this may mean the end of our reign.


Is this how it's going to be from now on? Both of us constantly wondering what the other is up to?


This will ruin Conde in France forever.


Long live his majesty, King Louis of England. God save the king.

Lord Akers

Contempt alone is not enough to condemn a man. Even the contempt of a king.


Reign Quotes

I'm sorry we've come to this.


Feelings? Honestly!

Queen Catherine