We're all basically fallen women--an unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think.


You were planning to abandon our marriage, flee France and run off with my cousin so I no longer care what you do.


Our love will die here.


It was rather a miracle.


Just don't expect a fond farewell from me. Or my trust. Ever again.


Mary: I am grateful..but I have to ask the same question. Why?
Francis: You mean why, when you were about to leave France? To turn your back on the country that sheltered you as a child and abandon the crown you were given? And me, the husband you swore an oath to?

Catherine: This could cost Mary her nation.
Narcisse: Well she shouldn't have forgotten that by marrying your son her nation became France.

Do not test my power and do not tempt my fury.


If I'm as responsible as you say, I will never forgive myself.


Nostradamus always said that you would be the cause of my son's death. I never imagined you'd kill him by breaking his heart.


The truth of your betrayal was the last thing that he heard before he collapsed.


It is a tragedy that your son died without last rites. But if you want his soul to enter into the kingdom of Heaven unencumbered by sin, the cost of that indulgence is eight livres, not two.

Cardinal Desjardin

Reign Quotes

I'm sorry we've come to this.


Feelings? Honestly!

Queen Catherine