Love is never simple. Not that I'm any expert.

Greer [to Leith]

Mary: Are you wearing mink-lined boots?
Catherine: Well if I have to run I want to look good doing it.

I loved him, Catherine. And now it's done. And I loved him.


I came here when I was six years old. I barely remember Scotland. It's romanticized, a picture in my mind. The truth is, France has always been my home. I threw myself into helping you because it meant I could stay. Now there is nothing but Scotland.

Mary [to Catherine]

I owe it to my son to take care of you the same way he begged you to take care of me.

Catherine [to Mary]

Dudley: We can't do this.
Elizabeth: Then tell me how to stop.

Grier, it's been three weeks since Francis died. I may still be a queen, but I am no longer the queen of France.


I am no longer the Queen of France.


Your son died saving me, and if I could do it all again I would give anything so that he may live. I am so sorry, Catherine.


Francis: Your birthright is your most precious possession. Think twice before trading it.
Mary: You are my most precious possession.

We have been given a miraculous second chance. I won't waste it.

Mary [to Francis]

Mary: I can't let him go.
Catherine: Let go and hold on to me.

Reign Quotes

Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

Rowan: Those who look upon it are taken. And those who are taken die.
Bash: How convenient.