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Bash: We're married. We can't be unmarried. I thought we agreed to at least try,
Kenna: How romantic.

You love a girl! You don't love a queen, or you would allow me to be one!


Welcome to being a ruling queen, Mary. Men will trust you and die. These are the first, but they won't be the last.

Queen Catherine

Kenna: You make it sound as if I'm the most self-centered woman in France.
Bash: I can't say that, I haven't met all the women in France.

Bash: You act as though this was my fault; I am no happier about it than you.
Kenna: You? What do you have to complain about? You're now married to a beautiful woman of noble birth.
Bash: Who's notorious for sleeping with my father. I see no awkwardness there...

I won't pretend I love you, but we should probably start liking each other, at least.


My first duty is not to my mother. I am the queen of Scotland, not the queen of Marie de Guise.


Penelope: Don't you think a royal crown suits me?
Queen Catherine: Of course, your majesty. Makes your head look smaller. Almost back to normal size.

I'm too rich to care what people say. What I care about is you.

Lord Castleroy

Look where our hearts have led us. We've brought you shame.


Nostradamus: I assure you, this 'darkness' is only a man.
Mary: Then go and kill him.

However badly you want me gone, I promise, I want it a thousand times more. But I'm not leaving until the woods are safe.

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My dear, this was not an act of passion. It was treason.

Queen Catherine

Love is irrelevant to people like us.

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