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Oh the things I have done for you, how I have protected you. You think that I don't love you. You don't see! In my way I have mothered you more than any of my children.


I didn't hear from you about my offer, though attempting to frame me for treason should be reason enough.


Catherine, I know things have been tense, but you have a living daughter who needs your affection now. You say you love Claude, well give her some evidence of it before you send her away. You owe her that much.


Conde: A minister much beloved by his flock. The people know nothing of the dire threat he has made. If the minister is killed, the people can use his death as justification for almost any bad act. They would create...
Mary: A martyr.
Conde: And his death would inflame even the most pacifist of Protestants.

So you're going to let some man prod at me while others watch to marry some Bavarian nobody?


Ahhh. Rise and shine, Claude. The only people in best past noon are drunks and reprobates.


Bash: Careful brother. If you push Mary too hard, you might not be able to win her back.
Francis: I'd rather she were alive and in Scotland than here and dead.

I may have given up on trying to understand you, but I will not give up on France.


Mary: Oh spare me your lies and excuses! You're not the man that I fell in love with and you're not the King I want to rule beside. You are a coward!
Francis: Mary, everything that I have done...
Mary: Enough, enough! I gave you a chance, I waited for the man I fell in love with to return, but that man is dead and I am finished waiting for him!
Francis: If that is what you truly believe then perhaps you should return to Scotland. Leave me. Leave France.

Lola: Do not seek to take before I can give.
Narcisse: I'm glad to hear you're thinking of giving!

No. There are some lines I will not cross even to save myself. Reveal my secret because I would rather face the consequences and lose my head than take orders from you. A compromised king is not a king at all.


Claude, what happened between us can never happen again. It wouldn't have happened at all if you hadn't convinced me that Henry wasn't my real father.

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Reign Quotes

My dear, this was not an act of passion. It was treason.

Queen Catherine

Love is irrelevant to people like us.