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So he is mad...and a mad king incites chaos and rebellion.

Queen Catherine

What's wrong with you isn't any poison I delivered, I swear to you, but you are ill.

Queen Catherine

This has been the source of my fury. People who refuse to listen to their king. Or are your ears full of wax?

King Henry

I don't make love to you because I want a baby. I want a baby because I love you.


Rowan: Those who look upon it are taken. And those who are taken die.
Bash: How convenient.

When is that English bitch going to die? She's sick, she feels better; she's sick, she feels better.

King Henry

Francis: There are two nations who are very excited for us to have a family.
Mary: Two nations? Is that all?

Rowan: You are leaving for France, aren't you?
Bash: As fast as my legs will take me.

For your own sake...for your own doubt...find out who your husband is.

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