Narcisse: The question would be who poisoned it.
Francis: Yes, Narcisse, that would be the question. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and will you please stop doting on my mother!

Francis: How could you send me to another? How?
Mary: Because I love you. And one of us should be happy.

The book is deadly.


There are those who merely believe they have power, and there are those who actually have it.


Catherine: Syphilis? Oh, Henry! Oh that is so like him. Hmm. A last gift so I'll never forget him or his whores.
Claude: Don't be so gloomy, mother. I have a rather rambunctious friend who underwent the cures and...oh wait...she did say they were rather excruciating. I'll send for her specialist.
Catherine: Why, thank you.

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Catherine: This is for killing my babies! This is for taking my husband, tearing my family apart and this is for turning my daughter against me!
Diane: I did it for Henry.
Catherine: How perfect! He did it all for Henry, too! You loved him so much, he's... all... yours!

Kenna: Is that what you want to hear? Is that what I should have said when we married? That, yes, I loved him; before he went mad.
Bash: You never told me that.
Kenna: Why would I? You asked me to give us a chance, so I did. Bash, you have no idea what it's like to be a girl in this world. Owning nothing, having no power, except the effect that you have on men. The King noticed me and for the first time I mattered. What was I supposed to do? Throw it away? Did you throw away Mary's love when you had it? Besides, why are we even fighting about this? Everybody makes mistakes. It's in the past!
Bash: Some things can't stay in the past. Some things are too unforgivable. When a person is willing to sacrifice lives for their own petty interests, that is one of those things.

Diane: I wanted Catherine to suffer. I wanted Henry to suffer. They did.
Bash: The estate I offered is no longer yours. I will protect your secret as long as you leave today. I can't bear to look at you as you are now much less hanging from a rope. Go and never come back.
Diane: I am your mother. Where is your forgiveness? You absolved your wife even though she was your father's mistress.
Bash: How can you even compare Kenna's affair to this? She was young and naive, she was scared. You killed two baby girls.

Francis: I know it's unfair. My mother was almost beheaded for infidelity while my father had every woman he wanted, but that is the way that it is, right or wrong. I remind you of this because I care for you.
Mary: Oh, is that caring? It sounds to me like a man trying to tighten his grip on a woman. Well understand if I don't stay to hear more.

Such haste! I haven't properly mocked you for saving the life of your mother's worst enemy.


But if Claude killed you I raised a monster and, if she didn't, I have been treating her like one for no reason.


Well now you can be afraid of me! You killed my sisters and made me pay for it my entire life!


Reign Quotes

There's someone I thought untouchable. I'd like him to die of Plague. Put him in one of the mass holding cells. He'll be infected soon enough and no one will heed his cries.

Lord Edward

I'm sorry we've come to this.