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Take a stand, my love. I'll take it with you.


Bash: And Mary?
Francis: She can never know. She must be able to deny on oath before God that she knew anything. It's the only way to keep her safe.

Bash: Francis. Did you hire Montgomery to kill our father?
Francis: No. I did it myself. I took Montgomery's place.
Bash: Francis. I understand. I know as well as anyone the harm that he caused. Have you been carrying this all alone?
Francis: Not alone. Narcisse knows! He's blackmailing me.

The nobles want Francis to sign a law that will require all French subjects to declare their faith to the King -- publicly.


Francis: Seeing you safe today, I could not have borne losing you. I want you to know I did not mean those words I said. I didn't even mean them in the moment. I was desperate. I was afraid for you. Oh God Mary. I can't live like this with us so far apart.
Mary: Then stop shutting me out. Tell me why you're so afraid! Whatever it is I will fight at your side!
Francis: You would, wouldn't you? You would fight to the end. There's no need to be so ferocious, you know. I was just feeling the pressures of being a King. Naturally, they take a toll. I'm sorry. Whatever happens, I'll never leave you. Never betray you.
Mary: Isn't lack of honesty a betrayal?
Francis: You must believe that I'll fix this! I'll end this distance between us. I swear. You do believe me, don't you?
Mary: Of course. I believe you.
Francis: You mean it? You're not just acting a part of a dutiful wife like my mother had to? I don't want that.
Mary: No, that will never be us.

The beginning is always promising. The trick is to go on that way.


Narcisse: And I want you to know that I do understand.
Lola: You understand?
Narcisse: Why you wanted your dowry back. With it you can stay or go as you wish. It means you haven't surrendered to life at court. You can still make your own decisions. Perhaps find love again, get married. I have the same wish.

Catherine: I was reminded today that she's a good fighter to have when your back's against the wall. Whatever is going on, trust her, be honest. If you don't, she'll end up a thousand miles away from you, playing her role out of duty.
Francis: And you would care?
Catherine: She has a childlike belief that a woman should trust her husband. I find I wish it were true.

My dear, never give up a crown to anybody.


Gifford: Mary Queen of Scots, did you really think you could wear the English Coat of Arms and not be apprised?
Catherine: Elizabeth is behind the impostors!

Mary: If I learned one thing at French court it's worth keeping a dagger on you. [whips out a dagger] [Catherine whips out a two pronged hair pin] Poison?
Catherine: You say that so hopefully now, but sadly it's not. I don't carry poison everywhere! I might accidentally kill myself.

Are you seriously, seriously suggesting that you want to watch me bathe in return for getting my dowry back?

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History is written by the survivors. And I am surely that.


My dear, this was not an act of passion. It was treason.

Queen Catherine