I wanted to do something that you couldn't, Tom, which is to express how you really feel about people while they're still alive.


Tommy: What are you doing here?
Mickey: What am I doing here. Classic.

See, you're A-Rod. He's Jeter. You go for the glory. He goes for the win.


He's called me Fonzie. He's called me Opie. He mentions Eddie Haskel to me and I'm gonna rip his head off.


I don't care hot hot her ass is, I am never, ever sleeping with her again!


Tommy: Ten grand and I can't drink. Why don't you just shoot me in the head while we're at it?
Teddy: See! He wants to drink. You're not in control of your sobriety.
Tommy: You know what I really want to do is punch you in the face right now.
Teddy: Oh, save that for the wedding. Big, big finish.

Lou: Now I know how Mary Shelly felt.
Tommy: Franco-stein.

Sidney: You know, now that morale is at an all time low, between Garrity and Franco, this place is spic and span.
Lou: I guess that would make Garrity, "span."

I find it amazing, ten years after the worst attack perpetrated on American soil, I mean a decade later, there's still not a standing monument to everyone who died that day.

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