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Aiden [on Nolan]: He's not my concern.
Emily: He's mine.

How did you get over to Lydia's house, Shamu?


In the moment we're born, we're drawn to form a union with others. An abiding drive to connect, to love, to belong. In a perfect union, we find the strength we cannot find in ourselves. But the strength of the union cannot be known until it is tested.


Nolan: You scare me.
Emily: Good.

Blackmail. It isn't just for breakfast anymore.


Tyler: How do I look?
Amanda: Under medicated.

She's just delivering her dose of daily hell a little earlier than usual.


If you came here to rescue me you might want a do over.


Every human is born of collusion. We come into this world the result of a covenant. Sometimes made of love. Sometimes of circumstance. But almost always made in secret.

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