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Aiden [on Nolan]: He's not my concern.
Emily: He's mine.

Maybe you should try it sometime.

Victoria [to Mason, about writing about the dead]

I just became an uncle! Well, one of those non-uncle uncles, like Kracker or Fester.


Oh Dec, what the hell man? It smells terrible in here!


Oh yeah, we Porters are descended from a long line of gentlemen.


Jack's currently registering a six at the Freak-o-Meter. Me, I'm at a nine, which must put you at infinity times infinity.


All men are born hardwired to betray, it's just a question of when.


That would make for one hell of a college admissions essay, 'how I rolled houses to have a brighter future.

Kenny [to Dec]

Every maid has her price, especially when grotesquely underpaid.

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