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Victoria: You've been bluffing since you stepped foot in the Hamptons. Why stop now?
Emily: Well, maybe I like to throw you off your game.

The Emily Thorne that I know can do anything.


Another ex-Mrs. Grayson. I'd say welcome to the club, but I don't much care for the other member.


Javier, my wannabe bestie, this is Emily. My...actual bestie.


Margaux: Are you sure we could handle this?
Jack: No, but I know that I couldn't handle keeping you from something that might make you truly happy.

Oh, Conrad. All the morning papers you flip through and you always skip Page 6.


Addiction, an impulse that, once indulged, is impossible to pacify. Even when starved, the hunger survives.


Oh, I just love the opera. You never know what performance you're going to get.


Keep your distance, Pascal. This dress may touch my body, but you'll never be so lucky.

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