The dead guy in the shower's got everybody spooked.


Jesse: Call me. I wouldn't mind be interrogated by you.
Jane: Heard that line. Like four million times.

Take your VIP seats. Boston Homicide sits in the nose bleeds.


Those boots are fashion homicide.


Your dress is a real booty call magnet. I got hit on twice, by women.


You got balls taking a cop to dinner. Did you think you could charm me too?


Right now all I want to do is get you naked and lick your face.


This reminds of the time I asked for a bunk bed and you surprised me with a pink canopy.


Frost: How can you be this big animal lover and eat their flesh?
Korsak: I'm a complicated man.

Jane: I hate it when you drive.
Maura: I hate it more when you undress and drive.

Downstairs only. I will poke you in your scar tissue if you even touch the up arrow.


Maura: You still have pain?
Jane: No, I just like saying ow.