Why do you have case face?


Frankie: Last place no good?
Angela: Ah... I'm pretty sure half the units there are rented out by the hour.

Woman: I don't know what you're implying, Officer.
VInce: It's Sergeant, and I'm not implying anything.

Vince: He was an entrepreneur.
Frankie: How do you figure that?
Vince: The meth lab kind of gave it away.

Jane: Are the arms still attached?
Maura: I find your interest in this a bit grotesque.

Again with the spontaneous combustion?


Spontaneous combustion and I'm missing it?


Frankie: Rizzoli.
Maura: Isles.
Jane: That doesn't sound right.

You bring life into the world. I delivered a package. My God, is there anything we can't do?


I'm getting really tired of all our suspects being dead people.


Stop being Frankie Junior. You're not a kid anymore.


Frankie: I'm trying to avoid Kent.
Angela: Well if you keep dripping on my bar, you can avoid him outside.