Dr. Nolan: 4% of the population is either sociopaths or psychopaths.
Maura: Luckily they aren't all serial killers.

Grandiosity is the hallmark of psychopathy.

Dr. Nolan

I knew I opened a can of PTSD worms today.


Maura, I just want your opinion. It doesn't have to be peer reviewed.


Korsak: I've got to check on Kojak. She had puppies.
Frost: Kojak had a sex change?

Yay! Three day symposium where we can relive our four year nightmare.


Maura: You presented a unique challenge to someone like Charles Hoyt.
Jane: So you're saying it's a compliment that he tried to kill me?

You call me Mom one more time, you watch where I put that whistle.


I bet wife #2 has no idea he killed wife #1.


Children push buttons you didn't even know you had.


That lady's as squeamish as Frost.


Maura: I just keep forgetting that Cailin had a kidney transplant.
Jane: How can you forget, it's your kidney?