Maura: It wouldn't hurt you to be charitable.
Jane: I spent $8 on the beer.

I will do whatever I have to do to get my grand baby back, especially since neither one of you are making any.


Korsak: How was the christening?
Jane: Think of your worst family holiday and multiply it by ten.

Jane: I don't know what to do, do you?
Frankie: Beat him senseless.

You people need party lessons.


Tommy: I should have picked a better mom for him.
Lydia: We got drunk. We did it in your car and then you passed me on to your father. Remember?

There's a potential biological hazard in the baptismal font.


That's the priest that Tommy ran over in the cross walk.


I'd kill for either of you but I will never plead guilty.


Maura, I told you never to hunch. You're not made for hunching.


Korsak: He hogs the thing like he owns it.
Frost: Because one swipe from bear paws here will take out the whole system.

Jane: Where am I going?
Maura: To offer moral support in case Cailin wants another one of my organs.