You don't really want to know about our relationship. You just want to hear me say that I... murdered her. So why don't you have the guts to ask me to my face, Detective?


Maura's mom: Why is this so difficult?
Maura: Because we don't really know each other. And you have a daughter and I have a mother.
Maura's mom: Square peg, round hole.

Vince: In the world of coincidences, that one's a doozy.
Jane: which means it's probably not a coincidence at all.

It's a long way from being mad at your mother to killing her. I should know.


Jane: What's going on between Frankie and Nina?
Angela: Frankie and Nina?

Jane: If you want, I can give your doctor a breathalyzer.
Maura: That's not necessary.
Jane: That's good, because I don't think it's legal.

Jane: Fruit homicide.
Kent: Fruiticide.

Angela (holding bagel in front of Jane's nose): Still warm.
Jane: I hate you.
Angela: Put it in your pocket.

I must be getting old. Right now retirement sounds great.


Your brain isn't what I love about you. What I love about you is you took my mother in so now I don't have to.


It's not the surgery that scares me. I guess I'm just afraid of what will happen if it doesn't work.


I didn't ask you to do this.