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Rizzoli and isles
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I'll be OK, or I won't. It's my choice.


Jane: Maura, what are you doing?
Maura: Looking for the oblivion of sleep.

I can't live without being able to feel you.


Maura: She said I wasn't her daughter.
Jane: But then she remembered she needed your kidney for her real daughter, Kaylin.

You also said that conceiving me was the biggest mistake of your life.


Maura: What is she doing here?
Jane: She came to get your kidney.

I'd be in shock too if I fired a pretend gun and killed my costar.


No one can blame you for wanting to save Kaylin.


I think when you're the father they call it parenting.


They don't have partners and they're making me sad.


It's like the last run on a ski slope. You know as you're falling you shouldn't have taken it.


What a life. Football, women, and cake.

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