All you wanted was to keep being a cop and all I wanted was you.


You are my story, Sam. You.


You won't get rid of me without a fight.


More than anything in the world I want you to be happy, and you are with him.


You don't know McNally. She doesn't go off the wire. She doesn't miss calls.


Sam: I see you two together and I know that she's right for you.
Oliver: Like you and McNally?
Sam: Exactly.

Epstein, your girl's not with you because you're a good cop. She's with you because you're a good man


That's not your job anymore.


Gail: You want me to call wheel transport?
Dov: No, I'll just take your broomstick.

Oliver: I've got something I want to run by you. Something personal.
Sam: I say go for it brother. Shave that back.

Andy: It's like we're teenagers.
Sam: And that's a bad thing?

I didn't know how not to see you.


Rookie Blue Quotes

Frank: You are the most amazing person I've ever met. My best friend in the world and if I'm lucky you'll also agree to be my wife.
Noelle: I'm going to kill you.

I will hit a gir