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Nick: That's the way I feel about you.
Andy: What, that my words get more magical?
Nick: No, that you do.

I already feel like I trapped him by getting pregnant. I'm not going to let him end up with some sick wife to look after too. I'm just not.


It doesn't look like the nothing kind of lump, it looks like the something kind of lump.


Traci: That's what single girls do, Steve. They give each other keys to their place that way if you die alone...
Steve: They can come over, get you dressed and hide you're porn. Yeah, I get it.

You're a detective so why don't you do some detective work and go find her.


You know it's real when she makes you better.


We go to a wedding. We get to dress nice, drink a barrel of Champagne and flirt with complete strangers.


Don't feel threatened. I brought my own calligraphy pen.

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