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Tommy McNally: How was it?
Andy McNally: It was good. It was terrible.

Please don't make me shoot you, this is my first day.

Andy McNally

How was I supposed to know he was undercover. It's a compliment, isn't it?

Andy McNally

You'd make a really good cop.

Andy McNally

You know, the one right near where you tried to tackle me, kiss me?

Officer Swarek

Andy McNally: Maybe you can act like a cop for five minutes.
Officer Swarek: You've only been a cop for five minutes.

Look, rook, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little.

Officer Best

Fake it 'till we make it.

Andy McNally

Staff Sgt. Boyko: It's not rocket science.
Dov Epstein: It's some kind of science.

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