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Gail: Holly, I'm a police officer.
Holly: That doesn't mean you've got to go out there and put yourself in danger.
Gail: Yeah, it kind a does.

Nick's great. I mean if I wasn't climbing Dov mountain I would be all over that.


I can take him up to the Guns and Gangs office. You know, help him pick out a cool tattoo for his birthday.


People don't press me for details. I'm lucky that way.


The king of the dorks has found his queen. The nerd empire can rejoice.


Say I wanted to get to first base. Are we going to have to take down a whole crime family or something?


What if I don't want to follow your rules, Sam. What if I just want to follow the normal ones.


You better watch it Nash. You keep calling me on my crap I'm going to fall for you even harder than I already am.


The guys a suspected pedophile and confirmed jerk so if you want motive take your pick.

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