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Peck: What is a doula?
Epstein: A birth coach for hippies.
Peck: I thought a birth coach was a birth coach for hippies.

I don't mean to sound like your mother, but I think you need stitches.


Your loss. Last night included me, with ice cream, naked.

Andy [to Luke]

I forgot to load my gun this morning.


Edible thing. You know, loves mommy. Wants to kill daddy. Edible.


You propose to Denise, you might miss out on your very own Sargeant sex.


Andy: What kind of workaholic is this guy?
Nash: The douchebag kind.

Diaz: Denise wants me to propose.
Epstein: Propose what?

McNally: My stomach is turning.
Epstein: That's called the thrill of the job.

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