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You propose to Denise, you might miss out on your very own Sargeant sex.


Andy: What kind of workaholic is this guy?
Nash: The douchebag kind.

Diaz: Denise wants me to propose.
Epstein: Propose what?

McNally: My stomach is turning.
Epstein: That's called the thrill of the job.

Luke: Are you cold?
McNally: No. I'm perfect.

Diaz: He's much more believable as a gay dude.
Epstein: It's true. I shave my chest.

Swarek: You always take so long figuring out what to wear?
McNally: You always hang around women locker rooms?

You broke some rules. You disobeyed my order. You acted like a cop.


Diaz: I'm a real Catholic. I don't just sleep with anybody.
Nash: Did you just call me a slut?

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