Normally I mean to be insensitive but I didn't actually mean it that time.


Sir, I'm requesting desk duty because I would rather mop the floor with my tongue.


It's like I did something to Wednesday and it's exacting its revenge.


Be the cop you are and not the cop you think you're suppose to be.


You said something bad about another person. We finally have something in common, McNally. Oh no. We'll always have Nick.


McNally you can be late or you can be mouthy. You can choose one.


Chris: It's not like I'm some junkie criminal.
Dov: No, you're a cop.

I don't want to end up a sad, sorry woman who threw away the most wonderful woman she's ever met.


Why can't Chris do it? He's great with kids, especially when they're not really his.


You, take this as a compliment, are the most anal copper that I've got.

Oliver (to Andy)

Chloe: Wanna get drunk and make out?
Dov: Yes, but not on tequila.

Out of all the squeaky clean guys that we've investigated this guy is the squeakiest.


Rookie Blue Quotes

Luke: Are you cold?
McNally: No. I'm perfect.

Say I wanted to get to first base. Are we going to have to take down a whole crime family or something?