Rookie Blue

Thursdays 10:00 PM on ABC
Rookie blue
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I'm stupid enough to get into the habit of listening to a rookie's instincts instead of my own.


I'm just a girl looking to buy some wood pallets. Nothing weird here.


It takes a great man to tell his friend when to change his underwear.


Oliver: Those are Jerry's peanuts.
Traci: Yeah, but Jerry's allergic to peanuts. What are you trying to do, kill him?

This is it man. This is the job.


I'm going to be reminded that his death meant something and that he died for something important.


Now every time you look at me you are going to be reminded of why your fiance died.


I love you Noelle, I just don't want to see your boobs.


This is just a desk...with a lot of cash in it.


Apparently getting kidnapped by a serial killer can make you kind of edgy.


Tomorrow we're going to wake up and the world's going to expect it to be like any other day.


Jerry, who proposed to me by engraving it on the back of a knife.

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