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Raj: Why are you dressed like that?
Jill: Like what?

Who drinks bloody mary's at night.


So are you gonna kiss me or are you gonna wait twenty years.


Oh Hank, you can never fix the past.


Jill: I don't want to be a downer, but they're not going to let us in there.
Divya: Why not?
Jill: Because we are dressed like mothers.

Aristotle: Where to ladies?
Jill: Wherever people go for a good time.

Evan: I just had a brain storm.
Hank: I didn't know a brain storm could happen in a vacuum.

Are you going to a tea or a funeral?


Hank: It's hardly fair to judge the guy, we hardly know him.
Evan: That's when I do my best judging.

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