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Hank: Well, I'm ready to leave.
Divya: We just got here.
Evan: You know what? I'm actually with Hank on this one. The average age here is dead.

Hank: You wanna grab a bite to eat?
Jill: I only have 30 minutes 'til my next meeting.
Hank: We'll take big bites.

Hank: (pulling out Tucker's sutures) Huh. The surgeon did nice work.
Tucker: He was under a lot of pressure.
Divya: Why? Was your father standing over him?
Libby: No. I was.
Tucker: Imagine being Mozart's piano tuner but then more stressful than that.

Evan: So we agree to disagree?
Hank: Like we always do.

Hank: What's with the Johnny Cash fashion tribute?
Evan: I'm in mourning.

Sometimes you have to meet family half-way, even if you don't know where their coming from.


Trying to get rid of this room seems way the hell more crazy than just trying to stay away from it.


Spencer: Welcome to my fathers office.
Divya: It's very homey.

You're more than a genius man.

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