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Increase: You take issue with my methods. I understand. But you need to understand that everything I have done was to make you worthy of the Mather name.
Cotton: I loved her.
Increase: Do not say that.
Cotton: My silence does not make it untrue.

Isaac: I know you love her captain, but to leave him to die is murder.
Alden: Do nothing.

Increase: And yet he allowed you to make them.
Alden: That's because he knew the difference.
Increase: Between?
Alden: Between loving his son's choices and loving his son.

Alden: Sir, Glorianna is no witch.
Increase: No. But I think you will agree that she has bewitched my son.

You're right. No man should be asked to humble himself before my father. I have been in Salem for months. I've made allies and enemies in scores, but the closest thing that I have come to a friend is you. So I ask you, I beg you to appeal to my father, if there is some small part of you who can call me a friend, too.


Cotton: This is what I have been trying to tell you and now I see it to be true. That in our zeal to rid Satan from our midsts we were instead killing innocents!
Increase: Do not presume to instruct me.
Cotton: We are doing the Devil's work for him!

Alden: He's insane.
Cotton: On a good day.

Cotton I've been in search of you all morning. I should have realized you'd be someplace where whisky is served.


Alden: You're drinking early this day.
Cotton: If you knew my father, you'd commend me for waiting this long.

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