There is no result that we can offer our customers that will meet their expectations. And they know that; at least the rational ones do. Our customers won't be paying for the results we can provide, they'll be paying for the moment before the results. Like, like when you catch a girl's eye in a crowded room, and she sees you, and you cross to her and you know she sees you coming. It's that second, right before you say hello, when all there is is possibility and that possibility is perfect. And then she speaks and you realize she's more than perfect, she's French.


Impressing me comes very naturally to you.


Some things are just too beautiful to go a lifetime in the hands of one man.


Fisher: Did I screw up?
Adriana: You were coming next week.
Fisher: Surprise!
Adriana: Asshole.

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So, thank you. From one absentee husband to another.


I'd start looking deeper into what he's doing when he's gone.


Our connection is insane, but I just wanted to play music.


You have to follow your dreams because they're not going to give up following you.


We want to ask the question -- What if the ideas you guys have for our lives, what if they're not what our lives are supposed to be?


Would anyone like a glass of wine while we chew our fingernails off?


I've always had a backup plan. I can support you. I can help you be the person that you want to be.


Spoon me. Tell me how jealous you are again.


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I don't know what to say because I hate this job. None of what I do really matters. I don't even get to see what I'm trading on a daily basis, it's just numbers on a screen. It's not real. We don't contribute anything to the world in any meaningful way. We just hoard money, and I always thought you were an asshole for making that a virtue.


I think the problem is I need to feel more right now, not less.