To be seen. It's all we want. From the moment we take our first steps. 'Look at me, Mom. Look at me, Dad.' Tell me I'm going to be okay. Tell me that someone cares about me. Tell me that we're in this together. And that you're going to get me through.


Alex: I'm a doctor. I'm objective and I form conclusions based on what is in front of me, what I can see and touch. Not on what I wish for and what I'm hoping is true.
Joel: You believe in him. You believe he's going to get better. You're not his doctor. You're his lifeline. And right now you're all he's got.

Alex: Charlie, this has been amazing. The best time of my life. But patience, my love.
Charlie: Pragmatist.
Alex: Scientist.
Charlie: Well, I'd like you to meet the optimist.
Alex: Yin to your yang.
Charlie: I'll live with that.

Patient: You think I'm in denial?
Alex: Yes.
Patient: Well, I'm not the only one. Your fiance. He's defying the odds, defying the medicine, he's defying them all and he's gonna what, wake up? See, you keep believing the lie too, Dr. Reid.

What happened to Charlie isn't fair. But you're still a doctor. I need you here, Alex.

Dr. Kinney

Shahir: I'm immune to guilt.
Alex: That wasn't guilt.
Shahir: It presented like guilt.

[to Joel] What's fun for you isn't always fun for everyone else.


You want to earn respect, you gotta start taking some risk. So bet on your winners. My triumph is your glory.


Joel: My concern is for my patient.
Dr. Kinney: Your concern is for your reputation. You want to showboat, go somewhere else.

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