Joel: [to Gavin] Right. Her friend.
Gavin: What, don't think men and women can be friends?
Joel: Not really, no.

Joel: Alex, if you need...
Alex: You're gonna be nice. Don't do it.

Every patient has a story. Sometimes we just can't see what they're trying to tell us. Sometimes we just don't want to. But the truth is always there, staring us in the face, daring us to disagree, begging us to understand. And to do what needs to be done.


Charlie, I saved a life today. A coma patient. And I realized something. Just when I think I've done everything, there's always one more thing I can do. And it's waiting for me. I just have to find it.


Patient: I can feel it, Charlie. I can feel my body. It's calling me back. It's like...
Charlie: What's it like?
Patient: I'm connected. To myself. To my mother, Dr. Reid. To you. It's warm. It's wonderful. It's life.

Patient: Maybe we can find a psychic.
Charlie: Uh, yeah, that's not gonna work.

Charlie: You know, I was married to the wrong woman once. And then one day I found myself engaged to the right one.
Patient: How did you know that she was the right one?
Charlie: Oh, because she got me, you know, warts and all. And every new thing I learned about her just made me love her more and more.

Charlie: Losing a patient, or harming a patient, is every surgeon's worst nightmare. But it happens. And you should know that your doctor feels guilty, awful.
Patient: Do you know her?
Charlie: I do. She's my fiancee.

You are a doctor. Every word that comes out of your mouth they hang onto, they believe in. So you basically lied to them. Sandhya is not Charlie, and you have no idea what that family is going through. None.

Dr. Kinney
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