Rowan: Ask yourself a simple question: What would Olivia Pope do?

Olivia: Jake has a weakness. If I exploit it maybe I can get information out of him.
Huck: What's his weakness?
Olivia: Me.

Olivia: Are you still getting married?
Jake: Do you want me to get married?

She’s perfect. But she’s not you.

Jake [to Olivia]

Screw as many whores as you want, Fitz, I wouldn’t expect anything less. But you sure as hell better keep them away from my children.


James: You’re a shameless monster.
Cyrus: Who loves you dearly!

Quinn: Hey, I found her.
Harrison: Grounded!

White hats, Jake. We get justice, no matter what.


Olivia: I'm proud of you.
Fitz: Liv...I'm grateful. Thank you.
Olivia: Goodbye, Fitz.

Marcus: Help us get justice.
Olivia: You don't want justice. You want anger. You want outrage. You want retribution.
Marcus: You're right. I do. So should you.

[to Olivia] You really think that's going to do it? That won't stop him from calling. The President wants to talk to you, he'll find a way to do it.


This was my call. I am protecting the Republic. I keep this country running. I do what needs to be done. I am Command.


Scandal Quotes

I am not a toy that you can play with when you're bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done.


Olivia: I don't want normal, and easy, and simple. I want..
Edison: What? What do you want, Olivia?
Olivia: I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. Don't you want that, too?
Edison: Love is not supposed to be painful or devastating. Love isn't supposed to hurt, Liv.