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I don't play second fiddle to anyone, even the President. Goodnight, Olivia.


You and I, we've always wanted the same man, Liv. For him to be the man we know he can be. And after what we did, we owe him this. The chance to run on his own steam and win.


He needs you, Olivia. He is tired and broken and it isn't the job. It's doing the job without you. He's not alive when you're not here. He can't breathe when you're not here. He doesn't have the will to run much less win when you're not here because you, you're everything to him, Liv. He needs you, so I need you to come back. Come back to us.


[to Abby] Funny, I've only been to Montana once but I seem to remember it looking a lot different from this. More cattle, less bull.


Fitz: Liv, I feel like...ashamed. Like I don't have a right to make jokes. Like I am the joke. 'The guy can't keep it in his pants.' Like my father, you know?
Olivia: Dive in. Own it. Mock your image.

[to Fitz] You can't vet your jokes. You're not funny.


Olivia Pope. The gift that keeps on giving.


Quinn: Hey, I found her.
Harrison: Grounded!

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[to Cyrus] We got Poped, sir.

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