J.D.: You need to hire a few more nurses
Cox: Look, Tammy, we don't have the money. If you want to go out and raise the cash yourself, feel free. Maybe you can sell your eggs to a fertility clinic. Or sell that beard of yours to a ridiculousness museum. Or better yet make a list of all the people that you drive insane and tell them for a nominal fee you'll never speak to them again. You, of course, offer them a monthly subscription at a reduced rate just to reel them in. And then after awhile of you not talking to you they'll forget just how annoying you are and they'll let their subscription run up and then bang.. that's when you show up at their house and you drive them insane all over again by speaking to them. And here's the kicker, when everyone's trying to resubscribe.. you lay it on them that the price is now quadruple. I'm predicting, and this is a low end guesstimate, you're looking at about a hundred million dollars a quarter

Turk: You can try and emphasize instead of giving Derek here the googly eyes... Carla! [snaps his fingers]
Carla: Give her a break, he's like a male Halle Berry

You know you shouldn't throw produce, it's dangerous, I had a cousin that was killed by a head of lettuce. True story. Well not the head of lettuce itself so much as the pack of sewer rabbits he stole it from

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