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For fifty bucks? I'd stick my face in their soup and blow!


Movie theater hot dogs, I'd rather lick the food off the floor.


I tell her you not here, she say curse word, I hang up.


Seinfeld, four.


I can't go to a bad movie by myself. What, am I gonna make sarcastic remarks to strangers?


This isn't plans one through eight. It's Plan Nine! The worst movie EVER made!

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Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Remember when you first went out to eat with your parents? Remember, it was such a treat. You go and they serve you this different food that you never saw before. They put it in front of you and it was such a delicious and exciting adventure and now I just feel like a big sweaty hog waiting for them to fill up the trough.


George: Yes, I'm expecting a call for Costanza.
Bruce: Yes, someone call. I say "Cartwright! Cartright!" but no one come and I hang up.