George: What if it feels good?Elaine: It's supposed to feel good.George: I don't want it to feel good.

How can you do that to your friend! He's got a wife, kids...and a lot of other stuff! Yeee-eah...


Elaine: She doesn't want to hear that, that was stupid.Jerry: I know it was stupid.Elaine: Really stupid...

Raymond: I used to be a flight attendant.George: Oh boy.Raymond: Ya know, why don't you open those pants, it's gonna be a lot easier that way.

Roy: Don't mind her.Jerry: Oh please, I love her.George: I've just met her, but I'm very impressed.

It was imperceptible, but I felt it!


I've shifted, this was a move!


Raymond: (massaging George's hamstring) How did you do this?
George: (VERY tense) Do what?
Raymond: How did you hurt your hamstring?
George: (quickly) I dunno
Raymond: You don't know?
George: I dunno
Raymond: Okay, where did this happen?
George: (Quickly again) Korea.
Raymond: Korea?
George: Korea.
Raymond: You hurt yourself in Korea?
George: I dunno.

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