It's hard to find people who would love you no matter what. I was lucky enough to find three of them.


The wedding was complete. Charlotte had something old, something new, something borrowed and someone Samantha blew.


(to Miranda) By the way they do wear something under those kilts, but it's easy to get off.


Charlotte: Miranda, please don't bleed on my dress?
Miranda: I'm trying not to.

Samantha: Don't you think this dress could stand to be a little bit shorter?
Charlotte: Samantha, all the skirts have to be the same length.
Samantha: Really? What about Trey's skirt?
Charlotte: It's a kilt, and it's tradition.

Miranda: She's so damn happy.
Samantha: Of course she's happy, she doesn't have to be a bridesmaid.
Carrie: Well, we got off easy, let's not forget the groomsmen have to wear kilts.
Samantha: I like the idea of men in skirts, easy access.
Miranda: Is it true that they wear nothing underneath?
Samantha: I'll find out and get back to you.

Miranda: I'm just saying as a lawyer, a partner no less, I got zero dates and as a stewardess, I got one for tomorrow night.
Carrie: I believe the correct term is flight attendant.
Miranda: Not if you wanna get laid.
Samantha; Honey, it doesn't matter what you say you do, it's how you say it. For example; I'm in PR, translation, I give great head.

Carrie: You said you were a Stewardess?
Miranda: I was testing a theory.
Carrie: A theory being?
Miranda: That men are threatened by powerful jobs. They don't want a lawyer, they want...
Aiden: A liar!

Charlotte: Well, I wanted to save myself until we got married.
Carrie: But, sweetie, you're not a virgin.
Charlotte: Well, I am in this relationship, and I think it's romantic.
Samantha: Yeah, it's romantic, until he can't figure out where to put it in. Honey, what if he's terrible?
Charlotte: He won't be terrible, no. He is an amazing kisser and he is so sexy and he loves me, and I've wanted to do things to him that I've never done to any body. Like the other night I was thinking of putting whip cream all over my body...
Samantha: Low fat Cool Whip is the best. It's less sticky, than other brands.

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