Fuck you! I'm 32, I was just getting started. Fuck you pancreas! Fuck you cells! Fuck you med school! Fuck you!


Bianca: You ever streak before?
Frank: Many times. Just never on purpose.

You think you scare me? Bring it bitch.

Carl [to Sammi]

Fiona: What if he shows remorse?
Carl: What's that?
Fiona: It means you say you're sorry.
Carl: I'm not.

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Sucks to be you! College is so much better without school!

Kev [to Lip]

Frank: Eh, it's a tragedy when a young man ends up behind prison bars.
Fiona: Bad parenting.
Frank: Oh, don't blame yourself.

Fiona: Spare me, Sammi. Your kid did not get arrested because of me.
Sammi: Cause of your thug brother. In one fell swoop, you Gallagher's managed to ruin his whole future.
Fiona: Lets be honest, Chuckie was not exactly destined for great things. Pack your shit and get out.

Hey uncle Carl! I didn't know we were going to be neighbors. Will you tell me a story?


Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.

Mickey [to Ian]

Ian: I think this might be the end with Mickey. The diagnosis, you know, even if I don't believe it, I'm pretty sure he does.
Fiona: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I already blew it with my husband and I don't have any kind of diagnosis to pin it on.
Ian: Gallagher's.
Fiona: Gallagher's.

So either fight for this marriage or cut him loose. Let him lick his wounds and move on, ya know? This halfway thing you're doing, giving him space, it's kind of fucked. Right? If this is a relationship you wanna save, then you gotta fucking save it.

Sean [to Fiona]

Lip: Silence in our house usually means someone stopped breathing.
Fiona: Exactly.