Gus: Did I mention that I'm falling in love with you?
Fiona: No. Uh, thank you.

Fiona: Best part is there's no drama, which usually just means I'm bored, but instead I'm just happy.
Sean: We're glad for you. Let us know how week two goes.

Babysit them til they're 18, I don't give a shit. I'll go on date night by myself.

V [to Kev]

Amanda: And my dad? Well, you know my dad.
Lip: Oh yeah, he want his ten grand back?

Carl [to Gus]: Boyfriend of girlfriend? Or just fuck buddies?
Fiona: Welcome to my family.

Matty: Friends don't rape friends.
Debbie: I didn't mean to rape you. I'm sorry.

FYI. We don't scare easily.

Lisa [to Carl]

Hey, you dangled me like a sex carrot to get brewery equipment?

Sami [to Frank]

Debbie look at your hair. You look like a young Reba McEntire.


Debbie: Are those hickeys?
Carl: Holly Nelly threw a party last night. Those skanks are randy.

Sheila: Frank, I want us to see the world.
Frank: I've seen it. It's a piece of shit.
Sheila: Alright, well maybe I'll just have to go by myself then. If that's what you really want.

Strongest beer known to man. It's also good for cleaning toilets and sinks or degreasing auto parts. Makes a nice anti-bacterial for minor wounds. You should get some for the bar.


Shameless Quotes

Lip: What exactly does hooked up mean?
Kevin: Last I checked penis goes into the vagina.

Surround sound bitching is the only thanks I get.