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Moloch. He's coming for your soul. He says I will deliver it to him.


Oh. You embroidered my name on some oversized hosiery. How... odd.


We never bury the dead, son. Not really. We take them with us. it's the price of living.


Ichabod: What hellish form of torment is this?
Henry: Funhouse mirrors.
Ichabod: When did irony become a national pastime?

Irving: It's called a Vine, but it has absolutely nothing to do with shrubbery.
Macey: Yep. It's a video. Six seconds long.
Irving: Like YouTube?
Macey: No. YouTube videos are like three minutes long. No one has time for that.
Irving: Yeah. I'm having a dad moment. Thanks.

Ichabod: Mistletoe.
Abbie: That you recognize.
Ichabod: An enduring tradition, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids.

If God has a plan, then who's it for -- me or him?


If Jeremy married and had three children, the average at the time, then we compound that number over eight generations... I could have as many as 6,000 offspring.


I told you. The closer he is to death, the shorter distance it is to travel.

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