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Ichabod: My ears shall remain eternally open to you admonition.
Abbie: I don't know what the hell that means. Just say yes.

Ichabod: Abbie, there's always another way.
Abbie: That's the first time you've ever called me Abbie.

No, my death saved your soul. Only you chose to see it as regret.

Arthur Bernard

Ichabod: And through these centuries against the impossibilities that we would find each other, we did.
Abbie: How can you be so calm about it?
Ichabod: I'm terrified.

To ensure he never rides again, my life he must end. It's the only way.


The next time you see that witch in a dream, tell her to be more specific. I mean, her husband's about to be a dead man.


You possess a gift. The power to bear witness. You are someone who could be very valuable to us in this fight.


I am a Quaker sir. I fight for the conviction that every man is free.


Ichabod must be sanctified. Find the Sin Eater before sundown, before the Horseman returns or everything will be lost.

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