Have I sunk Lois' battleship?


Lois: God, do you take lessons in how to do that?
Corben: Okay. Isn't the appropriate response "Thank God you're still alive. Too bad you're wearing clothes this time."?
Lois: Yes, that's it. The first part.

Clark: This is my lucky day to be saved.
Corben: Kal-El... take it from someone who's been there. We don't always know when we need saving.

By the way, this is the least-secret secret lab I've ever been in... twice.


Religion is science. Not some... mystical questioning of it.


Clark Kent at the keyboard? Have I been downsized in the bureaucratic world of superheroes?


Chloe: I should have known that Clark took a walk down the ruby-red road. That's explains his lack of edit button.
Tess: I thought Clark was only affected by green meteor. What's the red do?
Chloe: Basically it turns him to the bad boy every girl dreams of... in her nightmares.

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