Clark: When are you going to be able to put your past behind you?
Lex: Look at the stars, Clark. Some of them have been extinguished for thousands of years, but their light is only reaching us now. The past is always influencing the present. I can't change that. All I can do is try to understand it.

Chloe leaves for a day and the Torch goes down in flames.


Nixon: It seems you've given out gifts to the competition. Now, we had an arrangement. You give me stories, I give you information. Now, what did Carrie Castle do for you that I couldn't?
Lex: She gave me a pretty mean shiatsu massage.

I don't think the whole tux and limo thing is for me.


Chloe: Will you come and visit me?
Clark: Yeah, of course! I would never pass up the opportunity to see you in your natural habitat.

Clark: Uh, Chloe. I was... do you have plans for the Spring Formal?
Chloe: Not at the moment.
Clark: I was hoping, uh, I was hoping you'd go with me... as my date.
Chloe: I would love to, Clark. Now I'm gonna go before my good karma runs out.
Clark: Chloe. I'm sorry I didn't ask sooner.
Chloe: It's okay. It was worth the wait.

Clark: So you've had a night to sleep on it, what are you going to do with Lex's check?
Jonathan: Well, I might be stubborn, but I'm not blind.

Jonathan: When did you get so wise?
Clark: Ask my dad.
Jonathan: I'll sleep on it.

You ought to try getting off of your butt, Clark. It's the wave of the future.

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