Lionel: (reading) "I celebrate myself, and what I assume, you shall assume..."
Lex: "...for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."
Lionel: That sounds like a description of family.
Lex: Not ours.

Pete: Clark, you've got the whole package: looks, brains, and that whole farm boy charm.

Clark: You know, if it was such a great gig, why didn't you run?
Pete: I know my strengths. I'm more the power behind the throne, the guy behind the guy, the one who makes it all happen.
Chloe: Pete Ross: The Kingmaker.

Chloe: What do you stand for?
Clark: I stand for truth, justice, and some other stuff...
Chloe: I think the man of tomorrow needs to get a platform for today.

Clark: I believe in my friends and their dreams.
Lana: What if their dreams come crashing down around them?
Clark: Nothing's crashing down around you, Lana - not while I'm here.

Appearance is deceptive. Nothing around here is what it seems.


Clark:I can't believe Pete did this.
Chloe: I know. Some men are born to greatness, others are dragged into it kicking and screaming.

You ran a good campaign, Pete. We had fun, we met some new people, and we have enough t-shirts to last a lifetime.


(to Lex) It took a while to figure out what would tempt you. Then it hit me. It's not your picture on the cover of the Journal so much as the words "son outshines father" in the caption. How am I doing?

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