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The hardest part about it is knowing you can't take it back! It was a 5th generation nano, so I can't trade it in anywhere!


How many iPod nanos is friendship worth? I guess, one.


Real Kyle: So you intended us for us to go ziplining all along? Why, Stan?
Real Stan: If you signed up 3 got an iPod nano.
Real Kyle: You sold us out for an iPod nano?!

Stan: And I finally, I couldn't hold it in any more. I said "Stop it!"
Real Stan: Stop it!

If I crap in a forest, the blood will attract beavers, Kyle!


It was like having the life sucked out of you. That's all it is, sliding down a cable.


Just the word shuttle makes Kyle's brain fire neurons that bring up memories of just how lame shuttles can be.


It was 10, maybe 15 minutes of pure hell.


Inside Kyle's mouth, the muscles contract to force a smile, even though in his brain, Kyle is thinking, "dude, fuck you."

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